Our Story


That’s Sharaf from the block!

You can say she’s a foodie with a big appetite - always excited to try different cuisines and eat until her tummy aches, but that’s a price she’s always willing to pay! Passionate about discovering new places, cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life. Crying is always guaranteed! Whether over a good mozzarella salad or an old building, you know the waterworks are never far away.


Johann is in the house! 
From Paris to Arusha, Dili to Beirut, Bamako to Gaza, he can't hold still. Passionate about justice and burgers, politics and football, Johann has always dozens of projects...which rarely come to an end. Permanently optimistic, he is also always late....even to find love. But don't worry, he'll be on time for his wedding...Inshallah :)


Once upon a time, on a dark and cold day of October 2017, below the sea level, Sharaf traveled to The Hague to join the dark side of the force, the Defence Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon where Johann had been working for years. After a few months, Sharaf moved back to Lebanon. Nothing happened and the story could have ended there. 

Several months later, Johann, ready to embark on a new professional adventure, decided to make a stop in Beirut to learn Arabic. That’s when things got interesting... 

Sharaf and Johann saw each other every day he was there and they liked each other so much that they decided it would be worth going for a long distance relationship. And before they even knew it, they fell madly in love. Whenever he could, Johann visited Sharaf. They really couldn’t stand being apart, and Sharaf’s tears broke Johann’s heart. But their love transcended continents and defied cultural norms.

Johann always promised Sharaf that he will make sure she is the happiest woman in the world, and on New Year's Eve 2019, he repeated that promise when he asked her to marry him. She said yes of course, he’s her sweet little angel after all! 

And now you are on our wedding website! We can’t wait for you to attend our wedding to celebrate our love with us and be a part of our continued journey. 

With love,
Sharaf and Johann